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  • A: 1. Please go to Homepage and click Registation to fill in your member
             informaiton, then tick“I have read and accepted the terms
    and conditions and the privacy

         2. After member informaiton submission, please verify and enable your email account and
             go to level test immediately to 
    find your Mandarain level.
             (Q16: How to Upgrade?)   

  • A: 1. Please feel free to go to Level Test even you don't know any Chinese, it's for tutor's                       reference only for learning advise.   

         2. Please go to Level Test and choose Traditional Fonts or Simplified Fonts to start the test           and finish in 30 minutes. There’s total 20 questions , please do not guess if you                              have no idea about the answer that will affect your test result. If you want to change your            answer, please press "Previous" to go back to the question page. When you hit the                        "sumbit"  you  cannot change any answer.
  • A: Please go to your purchased tutor page in "Class timetable" to cancel or reselct  24 hours          before the class.
  • A: 1. Please choose your ideal Tutor or Course.
         2. If you choose Tutor, please click the number of lessons. If you choose Course, please                 click Purchase Courses directly.
         3. Please go to shopping cart and confirm your purchese item, then press the "Let’s start                  your class! " to go to Payment Options (Paypal in credit card or Bank Remittance)  . 
         4.  Paypal payment option cannot accept credit cards that issued in Taiwan  

         5. If you have marketing coupon code, please key in your code and then settle the payment.
         6. After purchase completed , please go to your purchased tutor page and select your class          in  "Class timetable".


  • A: 1. The class assistant will provide Google Meet classroom link to your email accout 2 days              prior selected class.
         2. Please go to  Google calendar to confirm your attendence and enter the Google Meet                 classroom on time.

  • A: Please get your hardware device ready includes computer or tablet, web camera,                           earphone, microphone and internet connection.

  • A:  The mininum bandwidth require is 10mps, please go to speed test link

  • A: 1. Close webpages or softwares that mayconsume large bandwith

         2. Close web camera.

         3. If you use tablet or mobile phone, suggest change to personal computer.

         4. Use more stable browser ex. Google Chrome.

         5. If you use wi-fi, suggest change to fixed network.
  • A:  7 days prior the class.   

  • A: Please list your problems and leave message in CTL Messenger,Contacts Us or download          official line app Chinese Tutor Land line@ and add friend for promptly response.

  • A: The Purchased class is valid for one year effective from the purchased date. 

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